Balkon Plantenbak: Hoe Maak Je Een Verticale Tuin Op Je Balkon

Want to turn your balcony into an oasis of greenery? Then balcony planters can be a great solution. When you make a vertical garden out of planters on your balcony you can put a lot more plants. In addition, it also looks beautiful on your balcony and the outside. We give you in this article some tips for making a vertical garden on your balcony.

Why choose balcony planters?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose balcony planters. We list them for you:

  • Efficient way to grow plants on your balcony
    When you hang plants vertically from your balcony, you save in space on your balcony. This way you can fit more plants in a small space.
  • Plants hang in the air
    Plants no longer stand on the floor of your balcony, but hang in the air from your balcony. This way you keep more floor space on your balcony.
  • Your balcony comesalive
    Let your balcony come alive with extra greenery. Plants and flowers bring your balcony to life. So transform your boring balcony into a true vibrant green jungle with balcony planters!
  • Grow herbs and vegetables on your balcony
    With a balcony planter you can grow your own herbs and vegetables on your balcony. You can hang the planters at a fine, accessible height. This way you can easily care for and harvest the plants.
  • Extra biodiversity in the city
    Many critters like it when there is more greenery in the city. This is how you help biodiversity in the city. For example, choose plants with flowers to attract bees and butterflies. These then help pollinate other plants and flowers. This is how you help nature from your balcony!

What should you pay attention to when buying balcony planters?

Would you like to purchase planters for your balcony? Think carefully about the following:

  • Location of the planter
    Make sure your planter is in a nice and visible location. This way you can easily reach it and can see it well. In addition, it is important to check if the planter in that location can receive water from rain. If the planter cannot collect rainwater, you will have to water it yourself more often. It is also important to check how much sun gets to the plants. Not all plants can stand a lot of sunlight, while others need a lot of sunlight.
    Also check our plant guide for tips on sunlight and watering.
  • Plant possibilities
    Think about how many plants you can put in the planter or combination of planters. That way you can think about how many of each plant you want to buy. Not all plants go well together and can work under all conditions. Do you want the plants to survive several seasons? Then choose hardy perennials. Read more about options with plants in our plant guide.
  • Mounting method
    Check how to mount a planter to your balcony. Most planters come with included hanging system. This often allows you to hang the planter from the railing of your balcony. Also check that the railing is sturdy enough to support the weight of your planter. Especially when a lot of water (from watering or rain) gets into the planter, it can become very heavy.
  • Watering and draining
    For healthy plants, watering and draining your planter is essential. If your planter does not catch rainwater, you will have to water it regularly yourself. You can automate this with a watering system. When a planter captures a lot of rainwater, it is important that excess water can drain away. Therefore, check for drainage options in the planter.
  • Price
    It is important to look at the total cost of ownership. Include the following costs to calculate the total price: planters, plants, potting soil, mounting materials and any (new) tools.

Different ways to create a vertical garden on your balcony

You can green your balcony with several ways. A balcony planter is one of them, but we list them all here for you:

  • Vertical garden planter
    Verticale tuin plantenbak voor balkon
    With a vertical garden planter, you mount the planter to the wall. You can screw it to a fence or wall, or hang it from a trellis of the appropriate thickness. In the planters, grow the plants in a good potting soil mix. It is important that you have a good watering system so that your plants get enough water. In addition, excess water should be drained with a drainage system.
  • Rack or trellis for climbing plants
    You can create a wall of greenery by growing climbing plants along a rack or trellis on your balcony. You can put the climbing plants in a pot or container at the bottom of the rack and guide the climbing plants well along the rack so that they will grow along the rack.
  • Hanging pots
    You can also have plants hanging from your balcony in pots. To do this, you can use special hanging bags or ropes in which plant pots stay suspended. This way you also create vertical greenery in height.

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