Choosing to create a vertical garden around your home is a fun project and has a lot of advantages. For example, it is a unique way to beautify your walls and you can still fit a lot of different plants in a small space. In addition to a lot of advantages, there can still be disadvantages to a vertical garden. To properly inform you when you want to start a vertical garden, we have listed all pros and cons for you. That way you can be well prepared should you start a vertical garden!

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1. The advantages of vertical gardens

Vertical gardening has many advantages. Below we give you some of them

A vertical garden looks beautiful

A vertical garden is a beautiful addition to your garden or balcony. A vertical garden brings vibrancy, color and appearance to a wall or fence that was previously bare and empty. With a variety of plants, you create a work of art on your wall that you can enjoy year-round.

Accessible and easy to maintain

When you have plants in the ground, you often have to bend down to maintain them. With a vertical garden, they are often at an easily accessible height so you can easily maintain the plants. In addition, the plants are often in enclosed containers from each other. Any weeds cannot spread. When these pop up, you can remove them in an instant and they won't just reappear with another plant.

Easy watering

The planters in a vertical garden sit one above the other. This makes it easy to water them. Often the water falls from the top to the lower plants and ensures that each plant is watered. You don't have to walk down a large garden to reach all the plants. JungleScape's vertical planter contain water reservoirs and drainage holes so that your plants have water for a longer period of time and watering becomes even easier!

In addition, vertical gardens are very well suited for automatic watering. For example, with an automatic irrigation system from Irrigatia. With this you no longer have to water the planters yourself.

Grow more plants within small space

Do you have a small balcony or small garden? Or simply little space available to place plants? With a vertical garden you can still put a lot of plants in a small space. By placing them along unused space of walls you can still put a lot of different plants. This way you can grow a lot of plants even on a small balcony in the city.

Hides and gives privacy

Do you have an unsightly spot along the wall or fence? Then you can hide it with a vertical garden. You could also close open spots and cracks with a vertical garden. This way you can enjoy more privacy in your garden or on your balcony.

Plants stay healthier

Because plants are elevated and not in the same soil, pests and diseases have a harder time spreading. Your plants (when properly cared for) will then stay healthier than if they were planted in the ground.

2. The disadvantages of vertical gardens

Yes we have to admit it, there can also be some disadvantages with vertical gardening. But we will show you that with proper maintenance and care, these disadvantages need not stop you from starting a vertical garden.

A source of moisture and mold

When a vertical garden is attached to the wall, moisture may leak past the vertical garden and cause a damp wall and possibly mold. It is therefore important that water can easily escape behind a vertical garden. Choose good waterproofing for your vertical garden system. And make sure the watering system and drainage system is good. The vertical planter from JungleScape has a closed back. Excess water can easily drain through the drainage hole. Thus, moisture will not accumulate behind your vertical garden.

Vertical plants block out the sun

When you go into the hoote with plants, some plants will grow or creep up or down. These plants may then block the sunlight of other plants and prevent them from getting enough sun. Therefore, make sure that plants that need a lot of sunlight are not blocked by plants around them. You can also choose plants which do not need much sunlight and do well in shade or semi-shade. Using JungleScape's configurator , put together your own ideal vertical garden and arrange the plants in your own way.

More water needed

Plants in a vertical garden are often more exposed to the wind and sun than those in the ground. As a result, water and nutrients may evaporate faster and you may need to water more often. You can solve this by adding an automatic drip system to your vertical garden. This gives the plants a constant supply of water so they always get enough water. A planter with a water reservoir also helps in not having to water as often.

Not all plants are suitable

Not all plants are suitable for your vertical garden. This also depends on the vertical garden system you are using. For example, the planter in your vertical garden may be too small for a plant with a large amount of roots. A strawberry plant, for example, can often do very well in a vertical garden. But for potatoes, unfortunately, it is not so suitable. Check out our complete guide to selecting plants for a vertical garden. Plants in the vertical garden can also grow large and heavy. Your vertical garden must be properly and securely mounted to the back wall to handle the full weight. JungleScape's planter includes sturdy ways to mount it.

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Bacteria can spread easily

Because most vertical garden systems have a watering system, you also have a chance of stagnant water there. In stagnant water, bacteria can often spread easily. Therefore, make sure to keep a good flow and occasionally change all the water in your vertical garden.

3. Conclusion

In short, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to a vertical garden. As you can see, most of the disadvantages can be overcome with choosing a good system and proper maintenance. Have you done that? Then all that remains are the advantages of a beautiful vertical garden that gives you an amazingly beautiful experience!

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