Vertical garden for landscaper or garden contractor

Are you a landscaper or garden contractor and your client has a desire to build a vertical garden? We can help you through the entire process to arrive at the best choice for your client. This includes choice of planters, irrigation system, right plants, construction and maintenance.

Vertical gardens are in demand

Many garden owners find a vertical garden a wonderful addition to the garden. Especially in small gardens, it can help create more greenery. With JungleScape 's vertical garden systems, it has already become easy to put together and construct a vertical garden yourself. However, many garden owners still prefer to outsource this to a landscaper or garden contractor.

Professional planters, easy to install

Our professional vertical garden planters with click system are easy and quick to install. Contain a water reservoir, drainage hole and connection for watering. In short, the ideal planter to install at your customers.

Professionele verticale tuin plantenbak hovenier

JungleScape assists in the selection, design and purchase of vertical gardens

We can help with choosing and selecting the right materials and plants, instructions for construction and maintenance. All materials and plants can be delivered to your client's address. This saves transportation and makes the process faster and easier.

Fast delivery

When you order from us before 4 p.m. on weekdays, we ship them the same day. Your order will then be delivered within 1-2 business days to the location where you want the products.

More information or free quote

For more information about construction of vertical gardens. Get in touch and we'll get back to you ASAP.