Vertical garden planter - Green - Stackable with click system - 33x15 cm

Gemakkelijke doe-het-zelf verticale tuin plantenbak
  • Nieuw! Stevige verticale tuin plantenbak met kliksysteem
  • Maak gemakkelijk een complete verticale tuin plantenwand
  • Inlusief waterreservoir & drainagegaten
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Vertical garden planter with convenient click system

Meet this professional planter for your vertical garden. This planter is excellent if you want to create an outdoor vertical garden. You can easily install it in your garden or on your balcony against a wall, shelf or fence. This planter is designed with an easy click system to quickly attach multiple planters together. With a large water reservoir and drainage hole, this planter is nearly maintenance-free.

Easy to install.

  • Lots of growing space per planter for your plants
  • Quick and easy to install with our click system
  • Can be combined with automatic watering system

Create your own vertical garden in 3 steps

  1. Install the planters
    The click system makes it easy to attach the planters to each other.
  2. Add your desired plants to the planter and water
    The plants are easy to move and absorb water smoothly thanks to the water reservoir and automatic watering system.
  3. Enjoy the green oasis created by your vertical garden!
    You create a green paradise in a small space. You can place many flowers, ornamental plants, herbs or vegetables for your own vertical ornamental garden or vegetable garden.

Beautify your garden or balcony

Could your garden or balcony use some more greenery? With a vertical garden you can easily green up a wall or fence! This allows you to put a lot of plants in a small space and it is easy to maintain. Would you actually like to have a garden, but can't do it on your balcony? Gardening is often difficult if you live in the middle of the city and have no land to grow plants. With a vertical plant wall, it is still possible to garden at your own little house.

Create a vertical vegetable garden

What could be more fun than growing your own vegetables, fruits or herbs? With a vertical garden at your home, you can create a complete vegetable garden even on a small balcony. You can grow fresh herbs that you can pick directly from your vertical garden while cooking. Or grow delicious strawberries. You can even grow heads of lettuce, endive and kale in it. Read all about creating your own vertical vegetable or herb garden.

Vertical garden planter with water reservoir

The vertical planter includes a water reservoir. This is ideal if you have a vertical garden with an automatic watering system. Even without an automatic watering system, you can easily water by running water down from the top planter. The drainage hole ensures that excess water runs through to the planter below.

With drainage hole to drain excess water

Automatic watering system for continuous watering of plants
Large water reservoir so you don't have to water as often
Vertical planter with automatic watering system for continuous watering of plants

Everything for outdoor vertical gardening

Get everything you need to get started with this vertical gardening planter. With our simple click system, you can easily install the planters on top of each other and attach them to different backgrounds. This allows you to place the planters in many different places. This gives extra atmosphere to an area in your garden or on your balcony. You can put extra plants in a very small space.

Easy to hang

The vertical garden planters are easy to click together with the click system. This ensures that you can stack the containers on top of each other to create a tight vertical garden. The convenient thing is that water from the top tray can flow down to the trays below.

The advantages of the vertical garden planter

The advantages of our planter for vertical gardens are as follows:

  • For outdoor and indoor use - Robust design suitable for both outdoor and indoor hanging.
  • Easy to install - With the convenient click system and hanging methods
  • Large water reservoir - So you don't have to water as often.
  • Suitable for automatic watering - So that your plants are continuously supplied with the right amount of water
  • Drainage point - Allows excess (rain) water to be drained immediately.
  • Large capacity - Provides plenty of growing space for plants.

Made of polypropylene (PP)

The planter is made of the material "polypropylene" also called PP. This is a very sturdy but also flexible material. It is resistant to high and low temperatures. With hot sunny days, the planters will not deform. When there is water in the containers and this water freezes, PP is flexible enough to bend with it. We do recommend having as little water in the bins as possible during frost. This prevents freezing.

Why buy from JungleScape?

JungleScape wants to green up cities. Over the years, cities have become gray and drab. Fortunately, there has been a reversal and the trend now is for cities to become greener again. More trees, flower beds and green facades. With JungleScape, we want to work with you to make cities greener. We want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to build your own green wall and thus make the city greener house-by-house. You can do this by greening a piece of your fence, your balcony or a bare wall.

We guide you through the entire process of purchasing, choosing plants, installation and maintenance. We are constantly expanding our collection of materials for a vertical garden, so you can always come to us if you need anything. Also read all the steps to create your own vertical garden.

When you buy from us, we strive to ship orders made before 4 p.m. on weekdays the same day. Depending on how busy the deliverymen are, you will then often have your order within 1 day at home!

The planter is delivered without plants. For a selection of plants see our article: plants vertical garden.

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