Do you have limited space on your balcony or in your garden? But would you still like to vegetable garden? With a vertical garden you can still grow a lot of vegetables, fruits or herbs in a small space! This way you can also create a vegetable garden on your balcony in the city. Read all about how to build your own vertical vegetable garden in this article.

Verticale moestuin met kruidenplanten

1. Vertical edible plant wall

A vertical garden is a wall where plants grow vertically along. Usually in planters mounted along the wall. The system often includes an automated watering system so that your plants get sufficient and regular water. You can keep a vertical garden for decoration, but also as a vegetable garden! This way you can easily grow your own vegetables, fruits or herbs along the wall. A vertical garden has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, toe vertical vegetable garden has a number of additional advantages, namely:

  • You can easily access it yourself for harvesting and maintenance
    Because your vertical garden hangs along the wall, you can easily access each individual plant without having to walk deep into the vegetable garden. You can easily harvest your plants this way.
  • You can grow many (vegetable) plants in a small space
    Do you only have a balcony or a small garden? Then you can still put a lot of plants in a vertical vegetable garden. With the vertical garden planter from JungleScape, for example, you can put almost 60 (!) different plants on one square meter of wall.

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2. Plants for a vertical vegetable garden

When you create a vertical vegetable garden, you naturally want to use edible plants. With a vertical garden, you have to keep in mind that you can't grow all the plants in a vertical garden that you can normally grow in, say, a vegetable garden. We have created a guide to plants in a vertical garden which plants you can grow in a vertical garden. Easy plants for your vertical vegetable garden include strawberries, as well as various herbs such as mint and thyme.

Check out plant guide for vertical garden.

3. Harvesting from vertical vegetable garden

As indicated earlier, it is very easy to harvest in your vertical vegetable garden. Because in a vertical vegetable garden you can reach all your plants from one place, it is very easy to harvest. Just as in a normal vegetable garden, you can decide which plants to place in it. Be aware that many vegetable plants are often annuals and die in the winter. A vertical vegetable garden can be a bare intention. You can choose to place in your vertical garden also ornamental plants which are evergreen and hardy. This way you can still enjoy your vertical garden all year round.

Plantenbak geschikt voor verticale moestuin met waterreservoir

4. Planter for vertical vegetable garden

At JungleScape, we have the ideal planter for a vertical garden. It contains a water reservoir which allows you to water less frequently. Each planter can hold two vegetable garden plants. You can fill them with herbs, vegetables or fruit, for example.

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