Together we bring nature back to the city

What we do

Nature back in the city

The first humans lived in the jungle. Over thousands of years of development, we have lived further and further from nature. We now live en masse in cities, where we sometimes have to drive an hour to get to a forest. Slowly, nature has crept out of our lives.

At JungleScape, we want to bring nature back into the city. We envision a world where we live in harmony in cities with greenery and biodiversity. And this has so many benefits...

Vertical greenery

We see vertical greenery using vertical gardens as the way to green our cities.

What is a vertical garden?
Karoo verticale tuin systeem cadeau doen

Green in the city

Green not only looks beautiful in the city. It also helps cool the city by creating shade in hot summers. During heavy showers, greenery helps absorb water. In addition, greenery helps purify toxic exhaust fumes and converts CO2 into oxygen. In this way, greenery helps make a city more livable.

Biodiversity in the city

A great biodiversity is essential for us as humans. Bees help us pollinate our fruits and vegetables. Birds and ladybirds with controlling insects and pests. Therefore, it is important that we provide these fauna with enough flora in the city.

Our core values

City in harmony with nature

We want cities to be able to live in harmony with nature again.

Greening cities

Greening cities by starting at our homes. Giving space to plants and using space with plants.

Increasing Biodiversity

Ensuring that biodiversity is increased in the city. Help the bee, butterfly and bird with a livable environment with the right flowers and plants.

What we do

Vertical gardens for your home

With our beautiful vertical garden systems, everyone makes their home, garden or balcony a little greener. We select and develop the best and easiest vertical gardens for you. Together we make our cities greener and more livable.

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Plant selection

Whether you want a vertical garden for indoors or outdoors. We'll help you choose the right plants for your vertical garden. See what plants contribute to your environment and biodiversity.

Soon we will come out with a plant selection tool.

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Who we are

Hey, I'm Sven and founder of JungleScape. I want to make cities more livable with more greenery, together with you. When I was in Costa Rica I saw how beautiful the jungle and nature can be. The people there knew all about their nature and how to live in harmony with it. Something we have forgotten over the years in our cities.

I envision a world where we live in harmony with nature again in our cities. Where green streetscape is standard, rather than an exception. And where we help birds, bees and insects with greenery instead of chasing them away.

In Singapore, I have seen how beautiful greenery is already being woven into the cities there. They already live there in some harmony with nature.

If we just start creating more greenery in and around our own homes, we will naturally get a greener, more livable city. That's why I started JungleScape. I want to make it possible for everyone to create more greenery at home with easy vertical garden systems.

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