A vertical garden (also sometimes called a "green wall," green wall or living plant wall) is a garden where the plants are not sitting horizontally in the ground, but are standing vertically along the wall. Where you normally put plants in the soil of your garden or a pot on your balcony, for example, a vertical garden allows you to grow plants on a wall or fence. Not only does this allow you to make optimal use of the space and thus put many more plants, it also looks very nice! Read all about the advantages, possibilities and examples of vertical gardens in this article.

1. Types of vertical gardens

Different types of plants are suitable in vertical gardens. Which plants you want in your vertical garden depends on your taste, environment and function. See below which types of plants are suitable for your needs, or check out our complete guide to plants for a vertical garden.

Vertical garden for outdoors

Do you have a small garden or balcony and would like more greenery? Then a vertical garden allows you to fit a lot of plants into a small space. You can choose a vertical garden for decoration, or a vertical garden from which you can eat: a vertical vegetable garden. You can build a vertical garden outdoors on a fence, wall or even on your balcony. All about vertical garden balcony.

Verticale tuin in de publieke ruimte in Madrid

Vertical garden in public space in Madrid

Vertical garden for decoration
A vertical garden is above all beautiful to look at. If you choose ornamental plants for your vertical garden, then you are going for the eye and you can choose from the most beautiful selection of plants. Think grasses, ferns, calyces or flowers. You can also go all-in for one type of ornamental plants according to taste. For example, you can create a vertical garden with just flower boxes and create a vertical butterfly or bee garden. Of course, you can always make a mix with different types of plants. Want to know which ornamental plants you can get started with? See all suitable outdoor plants for a vertical garden.

Vertical vegetable garden
Do you have limited space in your garden or on your balcony? But would you still like to plant a vegetable garden outside? With a vertical vegetable garden you can still put a lot of different edible plants in the small space. These can be vegetables and fruits. Think strawberries, for example. Check out our full list of plants suitable for a vertical vegetable garden.

Vertical herb garden
In addition to vegetables and fruits, a vertical garden is also ideal for growing herbs. For cooking, you often need many different herbs. With a vertical herb garden, you can put a lot of different herbs in a very small space. This way you no longer have to choose which herbs to grow, just grow them all! You'll always have fresh herbs at your disposal. Check out our full list of plants suitable for a vertical herb garden.

Een verticale tuin van hout met daarin kruidenplanten.

A vertical garden fence made of wood with herb plants

Indoor vertical garden

An indoor vertical garden can be enjoyed all year round. You walk past it every day and don't have to maintain it in all weathers. In an indoor vertical garden you can keep different plants than for outdoors. Although you can make a vertical garden for herbs, for example, both outdoors and indoors. The most common plants for an indoor vertical garden are often houseplants or succulents. With a high variety of these indoor plants, you can go in a lot of directions. For example, you can create a jungle look with climbers, hanging plants and ferns. Or go for the desert look with succulents. Besides indoor plants for decoration, you can also make your vertical garden functional. This can be done by making vertical garden in your kitchen with herbs.

Een verticale tuin voor binnen

An example of an indoor vertical garden.

2. Advantages and disadvantages vertical garden

There are many advantages and some disadvantages to a vertical garden. A big advantage of a vertical garden is that, above all, it looks very beautiful. In addition, you can put a lot of plants in a small space. Ideal if you have little space available and still want to put a lot of plants. A disadvantage can be that not all plants are suitable for a vertical garden.

We have listed all pros and cons for you. Check out our article all the advantages and disadvantages of a vertical garden.

3. Vertical garden at home

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular. In cities we see more and more greenery appearing. Vertical gardens are often part of this. Also more and more companies, stores, offices and organizations are installing vertical gardens. But what could be better than having your own vertical garden to your own taste at home?

There are more and more possibilities to create a vertical garden at your home. For example, with wooden containers that you can hang on the wall or felt cloths in which you can grow plants. At JungleScape, however, we want to bring the experience and convenience of a professional vertical garden to your home.

Karoo verticale tuin

4. Vertical garden from JungleScape

At JungleScape, you put together a vertical garden entirely as you wish. You decide where you want the vertical garden (indoors or outdoors), how big it should be, what type of plants you want in it (herbs, vegetable garden, ornamental or a mix) and whether you want an automatic watering system included.

Complete verticale tuin set van JungleScape

Complete vertical garden set from JungleScape for your home

Want a professional-looking vertical garden? But don't want the expense of an expensive landscaper or gardener? Or do you simply want to be in complete control of creating your own vertical garden? Then choose a vertical garden from JungleScape. We have selected a planter which is perfect for a vertical garden, a selection of plants which we will deliver directly to you from stock, watering systems which will help you water your vertical garden automatically and a manual which will help you set up your vertical garden in no time.

Vertical gardening with planters

We have selected a planter with which you can very easily create your own vertical garden. You can easily hang it thanks to several mounting pieces. The planter contains a water reservoir so that there will be enough water release to your plants for a long time. In addition, the planter has a drainage hole. This drains excess water (after a rain shower, for example). This way the plants do not drown.

All about the ideal vertical garden planter box for your home.

Vertical garden planter

Vertical garden planter from JungleScape

All-in-one vertical garden sets

To make it easy for you, we have put together complete vertical garden sets for you. For example, you can choose a vertical garden with a green jungle look for outdoors: our Outdoor Garden. Or choose for example a complete set with herbs or vegetable garden plants. View all our all-in-one vertical garden sets.

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