Protect the rainforest with your purchase of a vertical garden

With JungleScape, our mission is to green cities. Along with this mission, we simultaneously want to help protect and expand the beautiful greenery we have in rainforests and forests worldwide. This is why we donate 1% of the turnover from our webshop to planting and protecting rainforests. So with your purchase you green a piece of your garden and a piece of our planet.

Protection of rainforests

At JungleScape, we love our planet and the jungle. Rainforests are enormously important for life on earth. They are often called the lungs of our planet for a reason. They are also brimming with biodiversity in both flora and fauna. It is estimated that about 80% of all the different animal species live in rainforests. That's millions of species of animals, each playing an important role on Earth.

However, the rainforests have been threatened for years. Due to deforestation for logging and agriculture, large areas of rainforest are disappearing every day. All the growth and biodiversity built up over millions of years are disappearing there in no time. Protecting these rainforests is therefore essential for the survival of all these animals and plants, but also for us as humans. Without these lungs of the earth, climate change will occur even faster. That is why we want to help protect these beautiful rainforests with JungleScape.

Cooperation with the Boesbos Foundation

Stichting Boes Bos bescherming regenwouden

To protect these rainforests, we are working together with the BoesBos Foundation. BoesBos is an ANBI organization with the goal of protecting our planet and climate; BoesBos does this with the four B's:

  • PlantingTrees
  • Createawarenessabout the climate
  • Strengthenbiodiversity
  • Protectingtropical rainforest

BoesBos works exclusively with volunteers. Therefore, at least 97% of donations raised can go towards sustainable projects. With JungleScap, we donate 1% of sales to planting trees and protecting tropical rainforests.

Would you like to know more about BoesBos? Or make a donation directly to the BoesBos Foundation? Then visit

From all purchases since July 1, 2022, we donate 1% of the total amount to the BoesBos Foundation.