Karoo - Vertical garden planter - Gray

Verticale tuin plantenbak voor buiten & binnen inclusief potgrond
  • Verticale tuin plantenbak voor binnen én buiten
  • Gemakkelijk water te geven met gieter of druppelsysteem
  • Inclusief voedingsrijke potgrond voor alle 9 plantenvakken
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Complete vertical garden planter

With the Karoo vertical garden planter you get everything you need to create your own indoor or outdoor vertical garden.

  • Complete vertical garden system for 9 plants
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to water with watering can or drip system
  • Includes nutritious potting soil to place plants in

Vertical indoor garden

Create an oasis of green indoors with Karoo's vertical garden planter. The system is suitable for hanging indoors because watering leaks to the plants and cannot seep to the back. Note, however, that overwatering does allow water to leak to the back. So always be careful and watch the amount of water you give.

You can easily make several planters side by side. This way you can create a large indoor vertical garden wall and put many different plants in it. Want to know which plants you can use for indoor vertical garden? Then check out our complete plant guide with tips on plants for indoors and outdoors.

Modular expansion

Karoo's planters are modularly expandable. You can start with one system and grow 9 plants in it. You can put multiple systems next to or above each other. So you can make a complete green plant wall from Karoo vertical garden systems.

Including nutrient-rich potting soil

You receive the system already completely filled with potting soil in the planter. All you have to do is place the plant in the potting soil, water it and let it grow! The potting soil contains plenty of nutrients so that your plants get enough nutrients for a long time.

Easy to install on the wall and fill with plants

The system comes with clear instructions for hanging. You hang the system from two screws on the wall. A cardboard sheet is included to easily mark the screw points. After you place the screws, you easily hang the planter from this.

You easily place your selection of plants in the system. Because the potting soil is included, all you have to do is put the plant in and press it down well. Water your plants and after 24 hours they are firm enough to hang vertically.

Easy to water

Karoo planters can be watered with either a drip system or a watering can. The advantage of a drip system is that you can fully automate this and thus also water the plants when you are on vacation.

There is also a notch on the front of each planter to water the plants. You water a maximum of 1 liter at a time to water all 9 plants. The number of times you water depends on the season and weather.

You get this

When you order 1 Karoo vertical garden planter, you get the following:

  • Frame with space for 9 plants
  • Nutrient-rich potting soil already attached in the set
  • Felt to hold potting soil in the set
  • Manual for installation of Karoo planter
  • The JungleScape vertical garden e-book with all the information on vertical garden maintenance, care, plants, tips & more!

Why buy from JungleScape?

JungleScape wants to green cities. Over the years, cities have become gray and drab. Fortunately, there has been a reversal and the trend now is for cities to become greener again. More trees, flower beds and green facades. With JungleScape, we want to work with you to make cities greener. We want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to create your own green wall and thus make the city greener house-by-house. You can do this by greening a piece of your fence, your balcony or a bare wall.

We guide you through the entire process of purchasing, choosing plants, installation and maintenance. We are constantly expanding our collection of materials for a vertical garden, so you can always come to us if you need anything. Also read all the steps to create your own vertical garden.

When you buy from us, we strive to ship orders made before 3 p.m. on weekdays the same day. Depending on how busy the deliverymen are, you will often have your order within 1 working day!

The planter is delivered without plants. For a selection of plants see our article: plants vertical garden.

The benefits of shopping at JungleScape

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The benefits of Karoo vertical garden

The Karoo makes it easy to place a vertical garden on your wall. This way you create a beautiful green wall in no time. Each Karoo fits 9 plants and is supplied with potting soil.

Easy watering

Easy watering with a watering can via a convenient notch on the front. Want to water automatically? At the back is a handy notch to which you can connect a drip system. This way you can easily water your vertical garden automatically.

Fresh herbs at your fingertips

Grow your own fresh herbs indoors or outdoors. Easy to hang up, for example in your kitchen. Your herbs grow back easily. So you harvest fresh herbs for your meal every time.

Karoo vertical garden planting tips for indoors


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