Do you have a bare wall, facade or fence outside? And would you like to brighten or green it up? Then creating a green wall can be a wonderful solution! This is a wall where plants grow vertically along the wall. In this article, we will explain to you the different ways to create a green wall.

1. What is a green wall?

You see them more and more in the streets these days. In office buildings, government institutions, stores and sometimes even bus shelters: a green wall where plants grow vertically along the wall. It is a beautiful and efficient way to place a lot of greenery along a wall. You don't need large flower beds to still green the streetscape. Often "green wall" is used because it refers to plants. These can be green in foliage, but you can certainly use many different colors and types of plants. We have created a complete guide to which plants are suitable for creating a green plant wall.

2. Benefits of a green wall

Creating a green wall offers many advantages:

  • It looks beautiful. You can brighten up a dull or bare facade with lots of plants.
  • You can put a lot of plants in a small space.
  • It increases biodiversity in the environment. When you use many different plants, it attracts different insects and critters.
  • A green wall can give extra privacy.
  • Sometimes it is even possible to get a subsidy from your municipality to green a wall.

Also read our article on all advantages and disadvantages.

3. Create your own green wall at home

Fortunately, nowadays you also see more and more green walls in people's homes. Often outside along a wall or fence or inside. Especially when you live in a small space, a green wall still offers the solution to plant many plants in a small space. However, you also see large green walls appearing in larger gardens or walls.

Types of green walls

You can create the following types of green walls:

Steps to make a green wall

Do you want to make your own green plant wall at home? Then you have made a very good decision! It is not difficult to do this all by yourself, but there are a few things involved:

  • What kind of wall you are going to make
  • The place where you want to make the wall
  • Which plants you will use
  • Watering (automatically) of the plants
  • Construction, maintenance and care

We have an extensive step-by-step plan for you to build your own green wall.

4. Which plants can you use?

You can create a plant wall from many different types of plants that are suitable for growing vertically. Depending on what kind of wall you are creating and what the purpose of your plant wall is, you can use different types of plants. An example of what type of plants you can use:

  • Climbing plants when you have stretched a rack or wire along a wall
  • Flowers to make a cheerful plant wall that attracts many bees, butterflies and other insects
  • Ferns, grasses and evergreens to make a real green wall
  • Herb plants, vegetables or fruit when you want to create a vertical vegetable garden

In our complete plant guide for vertical gardens you can read all about the different types of plants you can use.